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In Memoriam

In honor of our lifelong friends & noble companions.

In Memoriam


July 22, 2022

You came to us as a scared abused pup. Even in that state, there was the sweetest spirit about you. You became the most loved 4 legged member of our family. You were so sweet and understanding with every foster kid who passed through our doors. Was there an understanding deep down of what they must feel like? I’d like to think that’s part of it. I just know I love and miss you and write your little obituary through tears. A piece of my heart went with you. 💕


Dec 28, 2021

Cosby came into my life on March 29, 2008. I was 12 and itching for a dog of my own. My parents took me to POPP in Richland to “just look”. We walked in and there he was, just a 4-month-old pup, clambering about amongst his siblings. I climbed in and sat down. He wasted no time in stumbling over to me and plopped himself down on my lap. We snuggled for the better part of an hour. My heart was his from that moment on.

We grew up together but I think Cosby raised me more than the other way around. He was there for every stage of a young girl’s life. He knew all of my deepest secrets and all of my dreams. I leaned on him through my first heart break. He was my copilot when I got my license and bought my first truck. We would go for long drives, where we would inevitably find ourselves in the Horse Heaven Hills. We would get out and just roam to wherever his nose led us. He was there the day I met my husband, and then again both times we brought a baby home from the hospital.

He had many nicknames but one of my favorites was “Hoover”. A crumb didn’t have a chance when it came to his sniffer and excessive need for cleaning. My broom has seen more daylight since he’s been gone. Every morning he smelled his way around the perimeter of the yard, probably checking for anything new and noteworthy. Every night he’d bed himself down and then trim his own toenails, followed by a light footbath. Before his hearing went, you would call him and he’d make his way over to you…eventually. While out, he would wander just far enough you’d think he was taking his chance, but would always turn around and come back. To the last day he would watch us pull away from the house and he’d be in the same spot when we got home. He was the most loyal companion anyone could ever ask for.

I miss him dearly and will carry his memory with me through life. I am so fortunate to have had him. I know lots of people have had amazing dogs, but nobody else had Cos.


May 10, 2021

In 2016 we adopted Mack from the shelter where he had been for quite some time just waiting for someone to see his potential and give him a home. He was old and had painful arthritis as well as some leg issues he had been born with; one of those shelter dogs that people tend to overlook or pass by to instead scoop up and take home the puppies and youngsters.

We weren’t sure if we would get six months with him or maybe a couple years, but it didn’t matter. He needed a good home and lots of love. Some meds for his pain and arthritis, vitamins, good food, exercise, and lots of love rejuvenated him into a dog that seemed years younger than he was. We were blessed to have Mack for nearly FIVE years. He lived a luxurious life of endless stuffies, minky blankets, tons of attention, camping trips, beach vacations, watching out for delivery men and plenty of walks. When he couldn’t walk much any more due to his arthritis and leg issues, we got him a stroller so he could still enjoy the outings with us.

Mack, you will be sorely missed. You did all the things a good dog should.

-You guarded
-You comforted
-You were a friend

Rest easy, little man. You were loved.

We encourage anyone looking for a dog to consider the seniors in shelters and rescues…they have so much to give and are so thankful. “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”–Sydney Jeanne Seward


May 6, 2021


I got Teddy from a friend. She used to breed pugs and I was trying to breed my brindle pug Sadie. She never took, but I was able to get him for half price. He was such a clown and always made me laugh. He loved to chase the birds, leaves, and butterflies 🦋. He also loved to chase the Lazer pointer dots. When I would take him outside to go potty, he would get this goofy look on his face and would not listen to me. I would walk out there to get him and he would race around the yard. He always got butt hurt when I would bring another animal home and even our girls. He would not let anyone or thing hurt those girls though. He loved to listen to my youngest daughter read to him. She could do anything with him. He even let her put him in a box and scoot it around with him in it. He will be missed so much. 😢

May 6, 2021


Suzie was a great dog. She came to us just after my husband’s sister passed away from Melanoma. Suzie was a gift for our grandson, but he was not able to have her, because of the other dogs his other grandparents had. Over time Suzie became ours. We have taken her on several trips with us to the beach and on vacation. Suzie developed Melanoma of the mouth just before I had my hysterectomy in February. It didn’t take long before it took her. We made the heartbreaking 💔 decision to let her go before she had a seizure. I will always miss her, but I know she is out of pain.

May 6, 2021

Tuffie 9-19-2005-11-13-2020

We got Tuffie from our friend Amy, we met Tuffie and all her siblings not long after they were born. Half of the puppies looked like labradors and the other half looked like rottweilers. They were all so cute but the little brown puppy was the one I wanted. I named her Tuffie that day.

My Tuffie girl loves her walks, snuggling, her best cat friend Scooter, her best dog friend Mollie, slingshot ball toys, her nearly indestructible ball, camping, the snow was a favorite of hers to play in with us so the few years we lived in Spokane she had so much fun during winter. She loved to play in this huge field next to the apartment complex we lived at in Spokane, we had so much fun with her nearly indestructible ball and slingshot ball toys out there. One time I had taken the slingshot ball toys with us and I was launching them for her. One went so high that it got stuck wrapped around the branch of a very, very tall pine tree. She looked at me as if to ask well aren’t you going to go get it? I did call the company and they sent me two replacement slingshot balls at no cost when they heard how much she loved their toys. Tuffie was with my husband and I through so many good and bad times. I don’t know what we would have done without her. I am so thankful she was with us when we had to say goodbye to Scooter when she got sick.
The last 7 months of Tuffie’s life was not the easiest for her or us watching her change so much but we are so grateful for that time we had with her. Walks changed for us, she still wanted to go but because of health problems and losing her sight she rode in her wagon around our neighborhood.

We love and miss you forever Tuffie, I know you are with Scooter again who you love and missed so much. I know we will be together again someday. You are my best friend forever and nothing will ever change that.


May 4, 2021

RIP Kiley 11-1-2004 to 5-10-2020

Chaser of bunnies, sticks, and seagulls. Underwear thief. Loyal companion.
You were my first dog, and you were my ❤️dog. I have so many memories of our times together. You were always by my side, good times and bad, wiggling, and giving kisses. Who would have thought that the little Mini Aussie that a rescue group brought into my clinic would have played such an important role in my life story. Our beginning was rough-you chewed off your bandages, stole my underwear, and once managed to drag an entire chicken carcass out of the garbage-always with a mischievous grin on your face.
But soon we learned each other’s rhythms, and we had so many amazing adventures together-chasing seagulls at Cannon Beach, bounding after bunnies in the tall grass near our house in Puyallup, and chasing sticks up and down the river banks.
You grew to love snuggling up in a pile of warm laundry, and playing “pillow games.”

As you grew older, our daily walks became ever shorter-just meandering up the driveway. But then you would get a glimmer in your eye, and quickly bound back into the house like a puppy. But your body grew tired, and when your mind told your legs what to do, they would no longer listen, So run free now to the rainbow bridge, where you will be reunited with your long-lost brother, Mocha, and Badger.

I will meet you there someday. You were the best dog, and I love you so much!

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