COVID-19 Updates


Updated as of 6/01/2021 

Dear Sunrise Family, 

We mean it when we say you are family and our job is to do our very best to keep our entire family safe. 

As government directives are updated and recommendations from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) are rolled out, we will continue to update our protocols. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

To make ourselves even more available to you, we are now able to provide Two-Way Text Messaging as well as a Veterinary Valet Service! 

Dr. Molton and the SVC Team


What steps are you taking to keep your clients, patients, and staff safe? 

All of our team members wear personal protective equipment both inside the practice and when interacting with our clients outside of the building. We also maintain 6 foot social distancing whenever possible. 

I have an appointment to come see you. What should I expect? 

1. When you arrive at our clinic, call or text us from your car at (509) 588-6970 to let us know which numbered parking space you are in. 

2. Upon receipt of your call OR TEXT, we will check you in as soon as possible from outside the clinic. Please remain in your car. 

3. We will give you the option of having one masked person come into the exam room with your pet, or staying in your car while we examine your pet. 

4. Our exam room assistant will then come out to your car and escort you and your pet or just your pet into the building. For your pet’s safety, please make sure all cats are in carriers and dogs are on a leash.

  1. If you are not present for the exam, we will call you to talk about any specific concerns, and collect any pertinent information that you may have on what’s going on with your pet. We’ll discuss a treatment plan, go over the estimated costs, and start on any agreed upon care. After the treatments are complete, we’ll call you again to discuss any at home care instructions that we’re sending and complete the payment process by credit card electronically over the phone. After everything has been completed, we will bring your pet and any medications outside to your car. 

My pet has a surgery scheduled. What should I expect?

Please see the FAQ on appointments. The process is the same. 

I just need to pick up some medication/food. Can I still do that? 

Absolutely! We will still be offering curbside pick-up for medications and food. Simply call or text when you arrive, pay by phone, and we will bring your medications to your car. If you would like to pick up a larger medication quantity to limit trips, just ask. Don’t forget, we also have an online pharmacy where you can get items DELIVERED directly to your home! This is accessible either on our website (click the Shop our Online Pharmacy button) or on our Facebook page (click the Shop Now button).

Again, We want to do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you to stay healthy and continue to continue to care for your pets. 

Our main focus is and always will be healthy and happy pets and their families! Dr. Molton and the Team at Sunrise Veterinary Clinic

(509) 588-6970

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