Tuffie 9-19-2005-11-13-2020
We got Tuffie from our friend Amy, we met Tuffie and all her siblings not long after they were born. Half of the puppies looked like labradors and the other half looked like rottweilers. They were all so cute but the little brown puppy was the one I wanted. I named her Tuffie that day.
My Tuffie girl loves her walks, snuggling, her best cat friend Scooter, her best dog friend Mollie, slingshot ball toys, her nearly indestructible ball, camping, the snow was a favorite of hers to play in with us so the few years we lived in Spokane she had so much fun during winter.
She loved to play in this huge field next to the apartment complex we lived at in Spokane, we had so much fun with her nearly indestructible ball and slingshot ball toys out there. One time I had taken the slingshot ball toys with us and I was launching them for her. One went so high that it got stuck wrapped around the branch of a very, very tall pine tree. She looked at me as if to ask well aren’t you going to go get it? I did call the company and they sent me two replacement slingshot balls at no cost when they heard how much she loved their toys.
Tuffie was with my husband and I through so many good and bad times. I don’t know what we would have done without her. I am so thankful she was with us when we had to say goodbye to Scooter when she got sick.
The last 7 months of Tuffie’s life was not the easiest for her or us watching her change so much but we are so grateful for that time we had with her. Walks changed for us, she still wanted to go but because of health problems and losing her sight she rode in her wagon around our neighborhood.
We love and miss you forever Tuffie, I know you are with Scooter again who you love and missed so much. I know we will be together again someday. You are my best friend forever and nothing will ever change that.

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