I got Teddy from a friend. She used to breed pugs and I was trying to breed my brindle pug Sadie. She never took, but I was able to get him for half price. He was such a clown and always made me laugh. He loved to chase the birds, leaves, and butterflies 🦋. He also loved to chase the Lazer pointer dots. When I would take him outside to go potty, he would get this goofy look on his face and would not listen to me. I would walk out there to get him and he would race around the yard. He always got butt hurt when I would bring another animal home and even our girls. He would not let anyone or thing hurt those girls though. He loved to listen to my youngest daughter read to him. She could do anything with him. He even let her put him in a box and scoot it around with him in it. He will be missed so much. 😢

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