In 2016 we adopted Mack from the shelter where he had been for quite some time just waiting for someone to see his potential and give him a home. He was old and had painful arthritis as well as some leg issues he had been born with; one of those shelter dogs that people tend to overlook or pass by to instead scoop up and take home the puppies and youngsters.

We weren’t sure if we would get six months with him or maybe a couple years, but it didn’t matter. He needed a good home and lots of love. Some meds for his pain and arthritis, vitamins, good food, exercise, and lots of love rejuvenated him into a dog that seemed years younger than he was. We were blessed to have Mack for nearly FIVE years. He lived a luxurious life of endless stuffies, minky blankets, tons of attention, camping trips, beach vacations, watching out for delivery men and plenty of walks. When he couldn’t walk much any more due to his arthritis and leg issues, we got him a stroller so he could still enjoy the outings with us.

Mack, you will be sorely missed. You did all the things a good dog should.

-You guarded
-You comforted
-You were a friend

Rest easy, little man. You were loved.

We encourage anyone looking for a dog to consider the seniors in shelters and rescues…they have so much to give and are so thankful. “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”–Sydney Jeanne Seward

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