RIP Kiley 11-1-2004 to 5-10-2020
Chaser of bunnies, sticks, and seagulls. Underwear thief. Loyal companion.
You were my first dog, and you were my ❤️dog.
I have so many memories of our times together. You were always by my side, good times and bad, wiggling, and giving kisses.
Who would have thought that the little Mini Aussie that a rescue group brought into my clinic would have played such an important role in my life story.
Our beginning was rough-you chewed off your bandages, stole my underwear, and once managed to drag an entire chicken carcass out of the garbage-always with a mischievous grin on your face.
But soon we learned each other’s rhythms, and we had so many amazing adventures together-chasing seagulls at Cannon Beach, bounding after bunnies in the tall grass near our house in Puyallup, and chasing sticks up and down the river banks.
You grew to love snuggling up in a pile of warm laundry, and playing “pillow games.”
As you grew older, our daily walks became ever shorter-just meandering up the driveway. But then you would get a glimmer in your eye, and quickly bound back into the house like a puppy.
But your body grew tired, and when your mind told your legs what to do, they would no longer listen,
So run free now to the rainbow bridge, where you will be reunited with your long lost brother, Mocha, and Badger.
I will meet you there someday.
You were the best dog, and I love you so much!

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